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Thiol: Disulphide Redox Metabolic Database


Two small proteins, thioredoxin and glutaredoxin, mediate transfer of reducing power in these processes ,restoring the oxidized —S-S- disulfide form of proteins (e.g. ribonucleotidereductase) to its reduced state (SH), Thioredoxin I smaintained in its reduced form by thioredoxin reducatase, while glutaredoxin is kept reduced by glutathione/glutathione reductase, in both cases at the expense of NADPH. (Ritz and Beckwith, 2001). Protein thiol modifications can play a similar role in signal transduction processes to that of protein phosphorylations, methylations and acetylations. This concept has been well reviewed by Zeller and Klug, (2006).